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We provide business owners and HR teams with resources to train workers, access labor market information, network, and post job openings to help them improve their business.

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In good economic times or bad, we provide no-cost programs and services that can save your business time and money. Be it recruiting and training new employees or providing guidance on a variety of labor issues, we can help.

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Employed Worker Training

This program is designed to help defray some of the high costs of hiring and training new workers while providing a practical, realistic work experience. Employees meet job standards because you train them on your equipment. It can be applied to either full or part time positions.

On-the-Job Training

This training is designed to upgrade job specific skills of current workers. Many times you have talented workers ready to take more responsibility and move up but they need training in specific skill areas to advance to the next level. Train them on your equipment to your standards!


Metrix Online Learning

Coursera Online Learning

Consultation Services

From HR questions to ensuring that your business is complying with state laws, we’re here to help!

Rapid Response

For businesses and workers affected by cutbacks & site closings.

Business Services Consortium

  • About

    The Consortium combines the workforce development services of several organizations in the tri-county area that work toward helping businesses find qualified employees, upgrade existing employee’s skills with training and assist with human resource consultation.

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    To join an upcoming meeting, please contact Nancy Reccio, Senior Business Service Representative, at 518.842.3676 ext. 3052.

    Click here for a list of upcoming meetings.

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We want to help you find opportunities that will give you a healthy balance between both educational and work experiences. 

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Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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