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Youth Services

Let us help you turn your dream into a reality.

We provide youths with information, classes, job training, and placement opportunities to help them become successful in their career.

High School Equivalency

Formerly GED

Classes held in the Workforce Career Centers in Gloversville, Amsterdam and Cobleskill. Prepares student for the NYS TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion).

College / Career Exploration

Access to Career Zone: the place to explore careers related to your strengths, skills and talents. Opportunities in our area and the availability of financial assistance. Connection to other youth opportunities such as: Job Corp, Military Recruiters and Financial Planners.

Paid Work Experience

The Youth Employment Program is designed to help youth learn job skills, develop good work habits and explore career opportunities. 80 hours of paid work experience for youth that are not currently working. Opportunities are offered at both public and private worksites. Placements are targeted to career interests.

Job Readiness Classes

We work in accordance with the National Work Readiness Council. The NWRC is a national nonprofit workforce development, training, and advocacy organization and pioneering sponsor of the only nationally recognized career readiness credential validating mastery of the foundational employability and soft skills most in-demand by employers today. Participate in employee success training that will provide the skills to develop desirable work habits and attitudes. Workshops and classes are available for resume writing
and interviewing skills. 

Summer Youth Employment

Summer youth employment is based on funding availability.

Get paid work experience. Develop good work habits and attitudes. Explore local career opportunities. 30 Ways to Shine As a New Employee. STEM careers: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Please contact your local Youth Coordinator for more information.

Develop Skills

  • Resume Writing

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Soft Skills

  • Leadership Development

  • Job Searching

  • Finance & Budgeting

Let’s make it happen.

We want to help you find opportunities that will give you a healthy balance between both educational and work experiences. 

Job Seekers