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I was a Sophomore at Amsterdam High School not knowing what to do with my life because I failed to achieve the goal of being a high school graduate, I was so caught up with the fast life of being teenager and partying like a rock star I forgot the more important things in life; I.e. getting an education. After watching all my peers graduate and go off to college to do bigger and better things, I continued to party, do drugs, and ruin the future that I could have. The Work Force Solutions have reached out to me early on in high school helping me with a summer job and doing homework. I took the GED program at the Work Force Solutions seriously, they reached out to me when no one else did, they cared for me, and gave me the courage and motivation to succeed and get my GED. After successfully receiving my GED, I was introduced to a Marine Recruiter who sat down with me and took me in like one of his own and talked to me about joining United States Marine Corps. I was scared at first but the more he talked the more I listened and became interested. Before joining the Marine Corps I had to get 15 college credits prior to entering the Marine Corps. Yet again, the Work Force Solution was there for me, and helped me get into Fulton Montgomery Community College. Throughout my college experience the Work Force Solutions helped me with homework, studying, and whatever else I needed to succeed in passing college. When I had the credits I needed to enter the Marine Corps. I shipped off to boot camp in August and gradated in November. I was then and now a United States Marine, it was one of the most memorable highlights of my life. I was stationed in Kaneohe Bay, HI for three years and six months. I completed two seven month long tours in Afghanistan and now currently working at the Chicago Military Entrance Processing Station. I am now married to a beautiful woman named Tatiana and have a handsome son named Antonio in which we are currently living in Chicago, Illinois. After the struggle I had been through, the Work Force Solutions and my family gave me the strength to get me where I am today. It was them that pushed me to do something that I really wanted to do but didn’t have the guts to do. So I want to thank the Work Force Solutions on taking their time on reaching out to me and giving me the opportunity to become the man and Marine I am today.


I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Swart with the Youth Program at Workforce Solutions and have had several youth working in our agency during the summer months which has helped us in our busy season and also gave me the opportunity to mentor the individuals and teach them work ethic. I highly recommend the Youth Program to other businesses!

Heidi Colson, CDL Associates Insurance Agency

Thank You to the Workforce Solutions staff for getting us in to the Mini Job Fair at the last minute – much appreciated.  I was very impressed with the # turnout and there were some quality candidates. I am always impressed with the professionalism, energy and quality service provided by Workforce Solutions.  Everyone here is extremely friendly and personable.

Kara Diem, Integrated Staffing

Thank you to Workforce Solutions of Amsterdam, NY for the partnership we have developed to help us find good quality employees/candidates. One of my best employees came from an Amsterdam Mini Job Fair we attended back in September 2018. This young man has since become a lead (Supervisor) of the second shift here and has exceeded mine, and the customers’ expectations. Thank you Nancy and Chris!

Mark Coupas, 48 Forty Solutions

A special Thank You to Workforce Solutions for the funding that made it possible for our Insurance Agency to send several of our staff to the New York State Property & Casualty Insurance Course that is required to obtain their Property & Casualty Insurance License.  Thanks to Nancy Reccio and Workforce Solutions 95% of our agency staff are now Licensed Insurance Professionals which gives them more opportunity to advance within our agency.

I also had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Swart with the Youth Program at Workforce Solutions and have had several youth working in our agency during the summer months which has helped us in our busy season and also gave me the opportunity to mentor the individuals and teach them work ethic. I highly recommend the Youth Program to other businesses! 

Heidi Colson, CDL Associates Insurance Agency

Since I started my new position in August 2018, The Amsterdam Workforce Solutions Team has been a valued associate. They have directed my job ad to narrow to specific counties. They know what and how the job seeker is looking – valued information. The Amsterdam Workforce Solution is readily available to my remote interviewing needs. Every staff member is pleasant to work with. They make working remote, a home away from home. Thank you for all your support. You rock!

Augustine Collins, The Nurse Connection Staffing Inc

WOW…thank you! You really helped me out, and I can’t believe how nice my resume looks now. I have actually been working for AT&T for a couple of weeks now. The resume you helped me create was fantastic and was a huge part in getting this job. I want to thank you again for helping me when it seemed others couldn’t. Thanks again.


A Big Thank You to Workforce Solutions. In September of 2014, I started the CNA program through FMCC. It never would have been possible without the help of Workforce Solutions.  They sponsored me and paid for the classes. On top of the financial help, they met with me regularly went over grades and gave me the extra support and encouragement that I needed.  I finished the class in November with an A+ average and passed the state tests (written and clinical) and received my CNA Certificate.  I am currently employed at St. Mary’s Hospital as a CNA on the Medical/Surgical floor of the hospital making $13.65 an hour for the overnight shift. I was hired 2 weeks after I finished the CNA Program.  Again, I would like to give a huge thank you to Maria Young (my caseworker) and the rest of the Workforce Solutions staff for helping me to achieve my goal. They helped me to get a job that will help me to better be able to take care of my growing family in a field that gives me a great sense of pride in my work and love for my patients.


Unemployed veteran customer wanted to stay with current employer but the employer was short on funding and there was no expected return to work date. Upon meeting with the veteran customer, Ralph Grugnale, Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP), noticed the veteran had a very unique skill set and qualifications that would fit perfectly with one of our local companies, Giant Solutions LLC. DVOP and Business Service Representative (BSR) Nancy Reccio have cultivated a great working relationship with this local employer. DVOP sent the resume to BSR who then made contact with Giant Solutions LLC. Upon review of the veteran’s resume, Giant Solutions LLC called the veteran in and conducted an interview. This led to the veteran receiving a full time job offer as a Field Service Technician within wireless communications, at $21.25 an hour. Veteran customer is also participating in Federal Workforce Innovation Act (WIA) On the Job Training (OJT), to help expand his skills. This veteran has an excellent opportunity to advance within the company.


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